In Shape In Control, 2010, Photo: Roberto Rubalcava  
Opening: 12.10.2010, 18.30 - 20.30

What do you hear? Water. What sound is this water? Water.
(after Benjamin Péret)

This is Bettina Buck's second exhibition at Rokeby and her first at the Hatton Wall gallery space.

Buck continues to be interested in the inherent instability of material, to search for what in her words create "a tremor, a noise, a mood, a situation, a conversation with its surroundings, with the viewer".

Recent work includes an unstable room-divider made of tiled fabric / a bronze Swelling, from an ongoing series of 12, each one produced using a single carton of expanding-foam prior to being contained in bronze / a hand missing some fingers / a short film featuring Buck carrying a large block of foam through a rural landscape / a settee wrapped in bandages, linen and plastic by Buckís mother - under instruction from Buck / some oversized tennis balls housed in 3-sided tiled boxes / etc.
Often there is a concealed personal narrative and history embedded within the work; as with the settee, which remains as much a work of the imagination as a physical fact. Buck engages with unpredictable, external and uncontrollable influences, which activate her practice as she re-configures common, often found materials. This process is both performative and durational, in a practice which is often vortical in its evolution.

Bettina Buck (born 1974, Cologne) lives and works in London. This is her second solo exhibition at the gallery which follows her solo presentation at Art |41| Statements earlier this year. Prior to her installation with the gallery at Basel she was selected as one of twenty-five young artists for Art Colgneís New Positions. Recent exhibitions include Proposal (Nacht und Träume) for Stavanger, curated by Vincent Honoré, and with Sara Barker in Bettina Buck invites at Mirko Mayer Gallery. Forthcoming exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Monitor gallery, Rome in December 2010.